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Extraordinary Visions Keynote


In his twenty-year career with National Geographic, Dewitt lived the vision of “celebrating what’s right with the world” and embraced an attitude that took him to new heights both in business and in life. He found that the creative tools he employed as a photographer had even deeper application when applied directly to his personal and professional growth.

Using his own extraordinary photographs as illustrations, Dewitt weaves a visual tapestry of emotion and content. One that allows you to touch your own passion: to balance your head with your heart: and to come away inspired with your own creative potential.


Key Concepts from the Extraordinary Visions Keynote with Dewitt Jones include:

  • There’s More Than One Right Answer
  • Reframe” Problems into Opportunities
  • Focus the Vision
  • Train your Technique
  • Put Yourself in the Place of Most Potential
  • Open to the Possibilities
  • Is Your Goal Success or Significance?
  • The Difference between a Good Frame and a Great Frame is Measured in Millimeters not Miles
  • Quit Your Flapping and Ride Your Thermals!
  • Take It All In and Give It All Back!
  • Celebrate What’s Right With The World!


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 Extroardinary visions keynote speech with Dewitt Jones