Clear Vision

This classic presentation by Dewitt Jones explores the fundamentals of creativity. He explains just what these fundamental elements are, where they exist in each of us and how to access them. He helps audiences see the world with new eyes and shows them how to tap into and rediscover their own creative gifts.

With his own exquisite photographs, Dewitt takes participants on a journey to rekindle and nurture the passion of their own creative potential. He builds a framework for personal creativity and gives audiences the tools to bring that creativity into every part of life.

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Key Points

  • Carpe Diem! Seize The Day!
  • Make Your Life Your Art!
  • Celebrate What’s Right With The World!
  • Reframe Problems Into Opportunities
  • There’s More Than One Right Answer
  • Right Lens— What Perspective Will Allow You To Find
    A Creative Solution?
  • Right Focus— What Elements Of The Solution Deserves The Most Attention?
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Make Mistakes
  • Break The Pattern
  • Be A Good Listener Genuinely Caring and Interested
  • Rekindle The Joy— The Value of Play
  • Use Your Intellect—Put Yourself In The Place of Most Potential
  • Use Your Intuition— Listen To “What’s Wanting To Happen”
  • May You Always Have ‘Juice’ In Your Camera!