Dare to Dance

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In Dare to Dance, Dewitt shares his spirit of aloha and explores the life perspectives he has learned that allow access to higher and higher levels of achievement. He gives his audiences the creative tools they need not only to find their own vision, but to make that vision a reality.

Dare to Dance culminates with Dewitt telling a story of a hula troop from the tiny island of Molokai. To the surprise and delight of the audience, the girls of the halau join Dewitt on stage and bring his beautiful still images to life. Dewitt exhorts his audience to ‘Dare to Dance’ in their life and in their work.

Price: $45.00 each + S&H

Not to be used for training purposes. For personal use only.

Key Points

  • Dare to Dance!
  • Celebrate What's Right With The World
  • There’s More Than One Right Answer
  • Reframe Problems into Opportunities
  • Focus the Vision
  • Train your Technique
  • Put Yourself in the Place of Most Potential
  • Open to the Possibilities
  • Is Your Goal Success or Significance?
  • The Difference between a Good Frame and a Great Frame is Measured in Millimeters not Miles
  • Quit Your Flapping and Ride Your Thermals!
  • Take It All In and Give It All Back!