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Collector Books

The books below are from Dewitt’s private collection. They are offered in very limited numbers as collector’s copies.

Each book features an autographed book plate on the inside cover.

The Nature of Leadership

Paperback | Price: $37.95 each + S&H  |  PURCHASE


by Dewitt Jones, Stephen R. Covey & Roger Merrill

In The Nature of Leadership, respected leadership authorities Stephen R. Covey, Dewitt Jones and Roger Merrill articulate the essence of leadership in it's greatest simplicity.

The Nature of Leadership is illuminated by examples from leaders of all walks of life and enhanced by the stories and images of award-winning photojournalist Dewitt Jones, of National Geographic renowns. It expresses and illustrates the principles taught by Franklin Covey Company that enable their clients to overcome the challenge many organizations face today of being over- managed and under-led.

The authors take you on an experiential journey and discovery of natural principles that revitalize the profound wisdom of principal-centered leadership. This simple natural perspective fosters the sustainable competency of vision that elevates leadership to a unique competitive advantage that will endure.

The Nature of Leadership is destined to follow The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People as one of the most important business books ever published. It reinforces the great lesson of history that to the degree people, organizations and civilizations have operated in harmony with proven principles of leadership, in the long term, they have prospered. The authors promise a profound personal impact from this experience and invite you to begin your journey.