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Collector Books

The books below are from Dewitt’s private collection. They are offered in very limited numbers as collector’s copies.

Each book features an autographed book plate on the inside cover.


Hardcover/Signed | $80.00 each + S&H  |  PURCHASE


Photography by Dewitt Jones  |  Text by Judith Morgan

A duet of photography and words, California showcases the Golden State as it moves toward the twenty-first century. It's magnificent landscapes, charm, character, and people epitomize the spirit of the place that has been at the end of the rainbow for over one hundred fifty years.

Covering every corner of the state, the book is organized into ten sections, each beginning with the writing of Judith Morgan, a well-known travel writer and columnist for the Los Angeles Times. The incredible images of Dewitt Jones, a free-lance photographer with National Geographic, complete this celebration.

The photographs are a joyous feast of the familiar: the lofty redwoods, the cable cars, Yosemite Valley, the San Diego Zoo. Yet Jones finds poetic beauty in the graceful sand dunes of Death Valley, a field of California poppies, and wind turbines across the Tehachapi Pass near Bakersfield.

Here is a great state explored with enthusiasm and gusto. It is a reaffirmation that the people who have found this end of the rainbow are indeed fortunate to live among the snow-capped mountains, sun-drenched beaches, and fertile farmlands that give it a vitality and excitement found nowhere else in the country – or for that matter, around the world.