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Collector Books

The books below are from Dewitt’s private collection. They are offered in very limited numbers as collector’s copies.

Each book features an autographed book plate on the inside cover.

Anasazi World

Softcover/Signed | $40.00 each + S&H  |  PURCHASE


Photography by Dewitt Jones and Linda S. Cordell

Here is the most up-to-date and accurate story of the Anasazi and their fascinating world. This ancient civilization disappeared from the Southwest by A.D. 1300, leaving behind their amazing cliff dwellings, but few other clues as to their existence.

Noted anthropologist, Linda Cordell, has written an informative text for Anasazi World that traces the clues and weaves the most complete story of these people to date. Ms. Cordell is chairperson of the Department of Anthropology, University of New Mexico, and has conducted extensive field research for more than a decade in southwestern archeology. Her knowledge and research provide new thinking as to the probable disappearance of this ancient prehistoric people.

Professional photographer Dewitt Jones has journeyed throughout the ruins on numerous trips including assignments under contract with the National Geographic Society. His full-color photographs convey the beauty and sophistication of these now silent palaces.